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What is fiber and what is it for?

Natural fiber is one of the most important raw materials in the world today due to its scarcity. A very precious material. We can think of cotton, jute, hemp... But...

And the banana one?

Fibra de platanera
Tela fibra de platanera
Anilla bioplástica de platanera
Bolsa biodegradable

Textile sector


Packaging Industry

But we go one step further... We get 2 by-products

Our industrial process has the advantage and innovation of being able to obtain two by-products at the same time. Therefore, we managed to obtain fiber without residues ( zero residue ).

Agua Fibras Naturales Canarias


With fertilizer characteristics

Pulpa de platanera


Its use is diverse as: acoustic and/or thermal insulation, component substitute to make aquaculture feed or as compost .

Therefore... FNC's goal

Achieving diversification of the Canarian economy through a Circular Economy where Canarian society benefits.

Transferring knowledge from the university, making our greatest brand, the banana, even more valuable, making Canarian farmers more competitive with respect to other regions of the world, giving the possibility of generating new companies and, in turn, new jobs... All of this respecting our islands.

Esquema economía circular FNC
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They talk about us

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